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“Learning to mix, scratch and beat juggle takes a combination of effective teaching and hard work. As I always say, there is no shortcut to becoming a well-rounded DJ, but having the techniques and styles of practice broken down for you sets you on the path to long-term success. Whether you have no experience DJing and are excited to learn, or if you’re struggling to improve your current DJ game, my courses will take you on a journey through what I’ve learned throughout the past 30 years of creating, mastering, performing and teaching the art of DJing.

Whether you’re a novice or experienced, my overall goal with Brolic Army DJ School is to help students of DJ art who don’t have the opportunity to train with me in person, to further cultivate the DJ skills it takes to forge their own unique trail to success, whatever that means for each individual student

– DJ Rob Swift

Our Courses:

All courses are included in each membership level.

7 Courses:

  • Course 1 – Basic DJing (4 videos)
  • Course 2 – Basic Scratching (8 videos)
  • Course 3 – Fundamentals of Beat Juggling (10 videos)
  • Course 4 – Advanced Beat Juggling (3 videos)
  • Course 5 – Training Camp with DJ Rob Swift (7 Videos)
  • Course 6- Workshop Archives (4 Videos)
  • Course 7- Advanced DJing (1 Video)

Each video is a fully comprehensive guide and contains easy to understand instruction, to give a total learning experience. Tutorials in scratching and juggling include full history and context taught by one of the OG’s of the game.

More courses are on the way!

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The Brolic Army has a host of accomplished alumni. Many began with little to zero knowledge of DJing, or had only experienced DJing on controllers. The Brolic Army DJ School and Community has transformed the abilities of thousands of DJs. From Club DJs, to Nationally and Internationally known Battle Champions, the Brolic Army has seen its’ students along their journey to creative expression and mastering the art of DJing.


Course 1- Basic DJing

Hip Hop icon and pioneer DJ Rob Swift teaches fundamental DJ techniques. From hand mechanics to listening and basic mixing techniques, this course will help you manually control the tools of the trade, hone in on your listening and learn basic mixing styles.

  • Lecture A:
    • Hand mechanics: examining how to manually control the tools of the trade (turntables, mixer, needles, headphones etc.)
  • Lecture B:
    • Listening: analysing the importance of understanding bars, bar structure and quarter, eigth and sixteenth notes.
  • Lecture C:
    • Mixing and Dropping on Beat: demonstrates how to transition from one turntable to the other seamlessly by performing straight drops and “baby scratches”
  • Lecture D: Building a DJ Set
    • Set arrangement: comprehensive details example on how to build a set. Together we explore how to apply fundamental DJ techniques in arranging a fluid DJ set.
    • Genre and BPM: understanding how to organise various styles of music.
  • Best suited to beginners or those wanting to improve their turntable instincts.

Course 2- Basic Scratching

In this course we review the 9 cornerstone scratch techniques, the baby, scribble, tear, forward release, forward stab, forward drag, reverse drag, transformer and chirp scratches.

As well as learning each technique, this course is designed to help you learn how to phrase scratches so that you can take your knowledge to the next level, creating scratch routines, improving social media content and more.

Lecture A: Faderless scratches (baby, scribble, tear) and Scratch Workout

Lecture B: Forward Scratches (stab, drag and release) and Scratch Workout

Lecture C: Intermediate Scratches (chirp, transform, reverse drag) and Scratch Workout

Lecture D: Phrasing Scratches

Each lecture has an accompanying Scratch Workout aka ‘Training Camp’ designed and hosted by DJ Rob Swift to help you practice your scratches and improve your confidence and fluidity.

Teaser Video

Course 3- Fundamentals of Beat Juggling

Rob Swift explains how to manipulate drum beats, words, etc. on both left and right turntables simultaneously through the application of the 10 Root Movements of “Beat Juggling”. This course is our most popular course from DJ Rob Swift. As a pioneer of beat juggling and creator of the ‘Swing Pattern’ there is no one better to teach these techniques.

#1: Backspinning and Backspinning with eighth and quarter note fills

#2: the Breakdown Pattern

#3: the Snare Pattern

#4: the Offset Backspin

#5: the Rock the Bells Pattern

#6: the Swing Pattern

#7: the Chase/Strobe Pattern

#8: 8th Note Linear Single Fills 

#9: 8th Note Linear Double Fills 

#10: 8th Note Linear Triplet Fills

Course 4- Advanced Beat Juggling

This advanced beat juggling course will help you take your skills to the next level. Now you have learned the root moves, you will learn to create your own patterns, how to combine all of the root moves to become a unique and more creative beat juggler. The emphasis in this course is creativity and self expression. Beat Juggling is not just being able to do somebody else’s pattern, but creating your own unique patterns and combinations too.

Lecture 1: The Chase pattern with 8th note fills

Lecture 2: The Snare Pattern (Level 4)

Lecture 3: Total Eclipse’s Rolling Fills

DJ Rob Swift and Funkmaster Flexx

Course 5- Training Camp with DJ Rob Swift

Training Camp with DJ Rob Swift is a practice based course. This course contains four Scratch Q&A practice videos to help those who already understand the fundamentals of the scratch techniques improve and elevate their scratching. The training camp is included in Basic Scratching. If you just want to practice your existing skills. This mini course is for you.

Training Camp 1: Faderless Scratches.

Training Camp 2: Forward Scratches.

Training Camp 3: Intermediate Scratches.

Training Camp 4: Combining the 9 Cornerstone Scratch Techniques.

Training Camp 5: Fader Grip

Training Camp 6: The Mix Master Ice Scratch

Training Camp 7: A Guide to Composing a Battle Routine

Course 6- Workshop Archives

This courses “Workshop Archives” is a hub for past academic, or teaching events and lectures that Rob has hosted and will host in the future. These talks are done in collaboration with other organizations broaching topics that Rob teaches in his courses on the Brolic Army DJ School.

“It’s important to absorb multiple perspectives on the material taught on DJing. From techniques, to history, to making a career of DJing or just expanding your skill and mindset. The more you listen to and absorb, the more well-rounded you will be as a DJ, carrying the torch into your work, and the next generation.”

DJ Rob Swift
  1. BACKSPINZ DJ WORKSHOP: Tips for Building a DJ set
  2. 5 Tenents of DJing: MIT Lecture
  3. Personalizing Beat Juggles: BackSpinz Lecture
  4. Comparing DJ Scratch’s and Steve Dee’s linear fills

Course 7- Advanced DJing

DJ Rob Swift teaches advanced DJ techniques in this course on Advanced DJing. This course focuses on elevating DJ sets and routines and features tutorials on advanced mixing techniques, and ways of incorporating the three main facets of DJing (mixing, scratching and beat juggling) into your work.

More lessons to come…

  1. EQ Mixing and Looping

DJ Rob Swift

And for a cat like Swift—who has worked with everyone from Linkin Park to the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Mike Patton to Herbie Hancock—truly forward-thinking, revolutionary music just seems to come naturally.

Here’s where we drop the needle on some history: after years of honing his skills on the wheels of steel under the tutelage of his older brother, father and mentor, Robert Aguilar aka Rob Swift was tapped, in 1991, by a Harlem-based DJ crew called the X-Men to join their ranks. Within a year he won the coveted DMC East Coast title and became known, worldwide, as a masterful DJ and a force to be reckoned with. Even when, to avoid the obvious beef with Marvel Comics, the X-Men were compelled to change their name to the X-Ecutioners, Swift (and his compatriots Roc Raida, Mista Sinista and Total Eclipse) still retained a superhero’s afterglow.

Their 1997 debut album X-Pressions (Ashpodel) served notice, with dirt-funky tracks like “Word Play” making it clear that Swift the recording artist was on the rise. Five years later, the group’s first major-label debut Built From Scratch (Loud/Columbia) generated the huge hit “It’s Goin’ Down” featuring Linkin Park.

After 13 years with the X-Ecutioners, Rob was inspired to establish himself as a soloist and break through with a series of genre-busting albums of his own. The first being 1998’s The Ablist. Sound Event (2002), his second solo effort, set the tone for his ascendant multi-faceted production style, mapping dark jeep beats (“Hip-Hop on Wax,” with Large Professor), Latin Jazz (“Salsa Scratch,” with Bob James) and ambient-electronic funk (the psychedelic “Interview with Colored Man,” with Supernatural) accompanied by the deft touch of a seasoned studio hand.

“Venturing off into my solo career helped me realize I was just beginning to scratch the surface of my true potential.” Swift says, “the worst thing one can do to an artist is limit them and I started to feel stifled creatively. My departure from the X-Ecutioners was a necessary one cause it freed me from all constraints.” Swift’s post-9/11 beat collage War Games (2005), his third solo album, (featuring guest shots from The Large Professor and Bob James) “is an ominous soundtrack to the DJ’s perspective on the state of the contemporary world today. It’s complex, intelligent, and provocative…” (allmusic.com).

“Whether it’s as a solo artist or collaborating with other like minded artists, I just want to push the boundaries of what I do”, Rob says. “I’m just trying to figure out different avenues to introduce people to the true art of DJing. However I reach people, the main thing is that we all get to enjoy that musical connection.”

Today, Rob Swift has continued his relentless pursuit of fresh directions, expanding his palette into the stratosphere of the academic world. Today Rob spends his time teaching DJ art world wide. He’s lectured at Case Western Reserve University and Cuyahoga Community College (Cleveland, Ohio), Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana). Participated in on site and virtual workshops for entities such as Backspinz (Charlotte, North Carolina), American Embassy Tajikistan and Colombia. Ran summer camp classes in the art of DJing for inner city youth at Progressive Arts Alliance (Cleveland, Ohio). What’s more, most recently Rob taught accredited courses in the art of DJing at The New School University (NYC). “Teaching the art of DJing has been nothing short of a blessing from God. To say I’m grateful would be terribly understating the gratitude I feel in my heart towards the opportunity to pass on an art form that has helped me facilitate the opportunity to experience myself as a mentor now. DJing has never been a commodity for me. I’ve never been in it for the money. I do this for the sense of purpose this artform has brought me. It’s helped me create a way to feel useful to people and for that I am enormously thankful.” Needless to say, Rob Swift is always in perpetual motion, continuing to push the boundaries of teaching DJ are with his new online platform, Brolic Army DJ School and connecting with students from all walks of life on a global scale!

Whether you’re a novice or experienced, my overall goal with Brolic Army DJ School is to help students of DJ art who don’t have the opportunity to train with me in person, to further cultivate the DJ skills it takes to forge their own unique trail to success, whatever that means for each individual student. 

Rob is an astonishing teacher, and DJ all in one. Rob is on a different level of DJing and that said, teaching his students in the Brolic Army this art form. After learning through Rob I am able to experiment and achieve so much more in the DJ world than I ever imagined.”

DJ Tuug – Brolic Army Civil War 2020 Champion @lleytuug

“No matter what level you are at, or think you are at, Rob will make you a better DJ. He has a rare blend of the ability to perform and teach. It’s like learning the blues from Muddy Waters, he is a true pioneer and who better to learn from than a pioneer of the craft. He will have you step your game up.”

DJ Jay-Ef @realjayef

Training with Rob gave me an entirely different perspective on DJing. He educates you on the culture as well as the skills creating an incredibly thorough and enlightening experience to DJ culture. Rob also helps you reach a more creative side of yourself and experience yourself in new and interesting ways. DJing with Rob is just as much spiritual as it is technical. It’s been a life changing experience. I am so much more empowered, creative and confident through training with Rob.

Dilly @dilly.rowe

“When I first started studying turntablism, I found the initial steps of juggling quite tricky on my own. I stumbled across a video of Rob Swift teaching students online and sent him a message to see if I could “enroll”. We would have live sessions via skype once a month as well as videos to follow up on what we went through and the rest is history.

What Rob taught me in those 2 years has led me to become Brolic Army Civil War Champ, Kame House Australian Champ and most recently, 2 x Australian DMC Champ

Wallzee – Brolic army Civil War Champion, Kame House Australian Champion and 2x Australian DMC Champion
DJ Wallzee

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